Exhibition Model Service

An Exhibition model is a type of scale model – a physical representation of a structure – built to study aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas Trishool Model was built on. Exhibition models are sometimes constructed from working drawings and sketches. On many occasions, we have agreed the final design verbally and are left with a certain amount of design input. No matter how weird and wonderful your ideas, we guarantee to come up with a solution. These types of Models are made for Exhibition purposes.

There are some Design Competitions in which Architects Design something and its model is made for Competition, so as to get a better understanding. Then there are Exhibitions of Design Ideas, for that purpose also Exhibition Models are made. Lighting is done wherever possible in the building blocks. All the detailing in the model will be shown as per drawings and views. Hydraulic systems with interiors can also be shown in the model.

Animation lighting and Full working models are also made with complete details. Landscaping is done according to the drawings and views provided. Each and every detail is made in the model with full precision. The laser machine is used for cutting to get 100% accuracy. The best quality of materials is used in the models.